Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents: High Risk as Seen by Car Accident Lawyer Massachusetts

The type of vehicle involved in an accident has a considerable impact on how serious the injuries are. Bicycle and motorcycle accidents are no exception to this since a person typically doesn’t have protection outside of a helmet. Even in low speed collisions, riders sustain very serious injuries that can alter the remainder of their lives or even take their lives from them.


An example of a devastating accident is when a person on a bicycle or motorcycle is hit by a truck or tractor trailer traveling at any speed. The result may be much worse than if the smaller vehicle was a passenger car. Still, passenger cars are deadly to motorcycle riders and cyclists.

When such accidents occur, consult a Boston law firm who represents victims that have been injured in these accidents, as well as families of individuals who have been killed. When someone is negligent in an accident, it is very important that they are held accountable for that negligence. That is because their carelessness violates the rights of the motorcyclist or bicyclist that they hit, as well as causes them injury that they did nothing to deserve.

Motorcycle and Bicycle Fatalities on the Rise


Over the past decade, motorcycle and bicycle fatalities due to collisions with other vehicles have increased. This is a trend that is seen all over the entire country. It’s a trend that a Boston car accident lawyer or Boston truck accident lawyer can say has resulted in more personal injury claims.

As for why the fatalities keep increasing, it’s rather obvious – motorcyclists and bicyclists are exposed and their safety equipment is very limited. They don’t have seatbelts, airbags, or anything around them that protects them from an impact and motorists are becoming more careless. What safety equipment motorcyclists do use isn’t fail-proof. Even a helmet isn’t going to guarantee that a head injury isn’t going to happen. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that helmets only save lives in 39 percent of crashes.

Dangers Motorcyclists and Bicyclists Face

One of the reasons why motorcyclists and bicyclists are at such risk is because motorists don’t pay attention to these riders. There are other forms of driver behavior that also contribute to these accidents:

  • Changing lanes without checking blind spots
  • Following a motorcycle rider too closely
  • Failing to give the right-of-way
  • Incorrect estimate of a motorcycle’s speed


The accident can be the fault of the motorcyclist or the driver. However, it is the rider who is going to suffer the more serious injuries almost every time. It is believed that nearly 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in serious injury or death. Bicycle vs. vehicle accidents are more or less the same result.

The Duty of Care

Motorists, motorcyclists, and bicyclists have a duty to operate their vehicles in a safe manner in order to avoid an accident. If the motorcyclist is at fault and the motorist is injured, they have the right to retain a car accident lawyer in Boston to file their personal injury claim for them. Nonetheless, a large percentage of these accidents are not the fault of the motorcycle rider or cyclist. A motorcycle rider or cyclist can exercise the utmost care, but that doesn’t matter if motorists don’t do the same.



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